For the next six weeks, I will be rehearsing and performing a play in Sonoma, California! The play is called The Chaotic Art of Life, written by James Jandak Woods. I'm playing the role of Mark, a young artist and art collector. Here's a quick synopsis:

Evan is a copy editor for a small underground newspaper. Mark is an employee at an art gallery. They share an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. When Mark brings home an art installation titled The Fractal Dissonance of Clothing with Ladder and plants it in the middle of the living room, their disharmonious relationship erupts into open hostility. The ensuing battle around art - along with the arrival of a young fashion design student as a roommate and mother appearing on the scene - forces the two men to confront their inhibitions around art, love, and life. Featuring a talented ensemble from the North Bay, Chicago, and Los Angeles - this world premiere is written and directed by James Jandak Wood (author of A Modern Encounter).

The show opens April 21 and runs until May 7. If you're in the Bay Area, come check out the show and enjoy the best that wine country has to offer. Click here for tickets

But wait! There's more! If you get tickets for opening weekend, use the PROMO CODE: ACTOR to get a great 2-for-1 deal. Pocket the savings and spend it on another glass of Zin. Cheers!